20 Weeks in Photos

I have to thank SO many amazing people for joining me in the first annual
We will be back…so be on the lookout for a new Photography Challenge!!
Below is a look at the most viewed photo for each week of the challenge:
20 Weeks in PHOTOS

Week 1: Self Portrait

Week 2: What Makes Me Smile
Week 3:Bold Colors
Week 4: What’s for Dinner?
Week 5: From a High Angle
Week 6: From a Low Angle
Week 7: What I Wore Today
Week 8: Black and White
Week 9: A Mess
Week 10: Hands
Week 11: Something Orange
Week 12: Bokeh
Week 13: Silhouette
Week 14: Sunset
Week 15: Your Shoes
Week 16: Something You’ve Made
Week 17: Someone You Love
Week 18: Childhood Memory
Week 19: From a Distance
Week 20: Self Portrait
Let’s keep snappin’ ladies!! 

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