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Today I am participating in
The Pinterest Challenge
with a few FABULOUSLY INSPIRING ladies.
If you don’t believe me, go and check them out for yourself.
As of date I have 578 pins. Pins completed 6…I have a long way to go
While gathering this list, do you know what I noticed? 
they are all food! 
Apparently I have quite the appetite.
Well, I can finally say that that stat will no longer hold true, 
because today’s project is totally NOT food.
Here is my pinspiration:

The Give Thanks sign is from the lovely ladies at Sweet Peas and Bumble Bees.
They are always creating block masterpieces and for this Pinterest Challenge, I thought I would give it a go!
So I started with a big stack of wood.
Lined them up and then painted the edges.
Using some scrap Thanksgiving themed paper I traced and cut.
Since each of the blocks were different sizes I traced each one. I wrote a matching number on each block/paper piece so I could match them up later…Genius, right?
Now, bring on the Modge Podge, and put it ALL together.
With an emory board I “sanded” the edges to make the paper flush with the wooden block.
Using my Silhouette, I added the GIVE THANKS in brown. 
Finally, I used a combo of wood glue and hot glue to attach the blocks and 
create a FALL masterpiece.
With my new block letter sign and a few of the printables I whipped up, our house is rollin’ into Fall!

Linking you to some FABULOUS parties!

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