School Story Saturday

Today has already been packed full of crafting!! Needless to say it’s been FABULOUS.
Since AUBURN is off today, I must admit there is no other way I’d rather spend my Saturday.

 I’m about to start on the bathroom fancy-fying I mentioned yesterday, 
but I wanted to drop in for a quick hello. 
I started a series, but then I didn’t follow through. For that I apologize!
But I’m back with
a few cute stories for your Saturday viewing pleasure :o)
We kicked the week off with Halloween and
I have to say a BIG thank you to my kids (students) who were fabulous.
 For some strange reason I signed up to have my yearly observation on the day after Halloween.
However, I believe the kids were in a candy-coma, because they were the picture of perfect!
Some even shared their loot with me.

One little girl offered me more than candy. 85 cents to be exact. As she put it “In exchange for giving me all those checks on my behavior sheet!” While a I wish teachers earned bonuses for their services, I shared I couldn’t take her money, but appreciated the offer!
. . . . .

We have a third grade teacher who moved to Georgia about 4 years ago from Connecticut.
She is fabulous and brought some great teaching insight.
She also brought her accent, and most 8 year olds around here haven’t heard anything like it.
{I can only imagine it would be the same way if I took my Southern drawl to New England}.
One of my students had her in 2nd grade last year before she moved up to 3rd.
 He shared this story with us at recess yesterday.

We were doing a fun activity last year and I got excited about something.
I stood up and leaned on my desk pushing up with my arms, and the desk fell on top of me.
I was kind of embarrassed and so I said “That was awesome!” 

{And then without missing a beat he transformed his voice into an 8 year old Boston mobster and said}

Then Mrs. U said “You know what is also going to be more awesome, 
you are cleaning the whole thing up.”

I wish you could have been there to hear it. I know it loses it’s humor in written form,
but take it from me…he might have a future impersonations.
. . . . .

So back to our BEHAVIOR SHEET friend from before. She had a GREAT end of the week. I asked her on Wednesday what she had eaten for breakfast to be so fabulous. She replied that she’d eaten Korean soup. When I asked what was in it she asked “Do you know Reese’s Puffs?” 
It took a while to stop giggling and pull myself up off the floor, but when I did
 I {unfortunately} found out it was not the same thing as Reese’s Puffs.
But as she put it did include a lot of “good stuff.” What good stuff you might ask…
seaweed, cauliflower, carrots.
Hmmmmm…I think we have different definitions of the “good stuff!”
. . . . .

I’m off to paint the bathroom; have a great Saturday!

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