Photography Challenge: Someone You Love

It’s never too late to join us! Just check out all the details of the Photography Challenge & 
add your link below for this week’s subject!
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Yall are SOOOO very talented. I loved the topic this week because I gained so much inspiration.
Can I share a few?

Now ladies, you KNOW my love for college football, especially my Auburn Tigers. 
When I saw this wreath linked up by My Everyday Ordinary, 
I KNEW what my Auburn wreath will look like next year!

It’s a good year to be an Oklahoma State fan!!!

. . . . .

This handmade quilt by Ricki at Two Tiny Birds makes me want to get back to 
my sewing machine asap..

. . . . .

Wouldn’t your heart smile if you received a card in snail mail this beautiful. 
Rosa from Capture the Little Things made it just for you :o)

Head back over to last week’s post to see all of the amazing ideas that were linked up.

Moving right along… 
(because I need to face the fact that we’re heading across the country tomorrow 
and all we know is when our plane leaves and the hotel we are staying in…
we have some research to do, sorry to deviate, back to the topic at hand).

This week’s topic: Someone you love

No surprise here. I love III…it’s the truth. 
And this picture depicts one reason why.
Because he loves traditions almost as much as I do. 
And he wants to start traditions we can follow for the rest of our lives :o)
Like Sandwich and Soup Sundays…the perfect way to spend a Winter Sunday night.

Who do you love?

Keep me in suspense for a moment more…let me share some tips.

With Thanksgiving a week away, I searched for inspiration and found some great tips from 
Clickin’ Moms…check it out, you won’t be sorry!

Remember next week we are taking a short break to enjoy time with family and friends. 
We’ll be back November 30th with A Childhood Memory. 
I think I know just the subject.

Now let me see it….Who Do You LOVE???

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