It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger!

It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger
and not because we won the National Championship last year…(although that is a good reason too).
. . . . .
Thursday  III got a call from a great friend’s (Heather) aunt. 
She is a true Tiger fan and season ticket holder.
She is also fabulous.
Unfortunately, she couldn’t use her Auburn/Georgia tickets this weekend.
Beth gave us a call and since she knew we were in Atlanta, asked if we would go in her place.
Ummm….of course!!
She wouldn’t even let us pay her for them. Isn’t she AWESOME!
Only asked that we cheer on our beloved tigers and represent the Orange & Blue.
What about the overnight shipping costs? Pay it forward she said :o)
Look what just showed up on our doorstep!!!

And inside..
THANK YOU Beth, for representing what the Auburn spirit is ALL about!!!
War Eagle.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger!”

  • I have been following your wonderful blog for a while now and though I am a South Carolina fan, I was cheering for your tigers yesterday (for obvious reasons!). Sorry they did not perform better but I am sure you had a wonderful time on such a glorious afternoon anyway :)

  • I know you were cheering for my Tigers. Wished they had played better–but it was still a lot of fun, I'm sure.

    I love an over-nighted package with tickets to Auburn games….we got one last year for the Auburn/Alabama game. They were free and the over-night shipping was too. We had a GREAT time!


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