Horizontal Stripes…How To

So when I saw this entry way at 4 Men 1 Lady, I had the inspiration I needed to start painting my own 
WOW FACTOR {On a smaller scale}.
However, painting horizontal stripes is NO SMALL feat. 
But, I would say paint with the end in mind :o)
So here is what you need to know:
1. Be patient and grab a helping hand. My helping hand is a saint, who (don’t tell his friends) but gave up some mediocre football to help out!! I love III because when I say things like “Let’s paint BIG horizontal stripes in the powder bath.” He says, “Whatever you want makes you happy.” 
Music to my ears.
1b. Paint the entire room one color as the base coat (I started with what I already had).
2. Now if we had a laser level, I think that would have been money! However, we didn’t, so here are the 
“old fashion way” supplies: yardstick, ruler, pencil, level, painter’s tape, paint 
(Behr’s Jasmine White and Castle Stone), brushes, paint pan
(Now I had planned to use my Dutch Boy sample gallons but the color combo wasn’t right,
 so look for it in the laundry makeover coming soon)
3. Okay, so measure the height of the wall (from ceiling to baseboard) and divide by the number of stripes you want. For example, our wall was 80 inches tall divided by 8 stripes, means that my stripes would be 10 inches each.
4. Now using your yardstick, mark each corner every 10 inches, floor to ceiling… 
or in our case ceiling to floor. 
5. We also drew a straight line down the center of each wall (using the level to make sure our line was straight) and marked it every 10 inches also.
6. Now comes the fun time consuming part, drawing the horizontal lines. After a little trial and error, here was our preferred method of line drawing insanity. 
Take the end of your yard stick and place it just under the first mark in the left corner. 
Line up the other end of the yard stick with the middle of the wall mark. 
Lay level on top of yard stick and make sure it’s straight. 
Draw line. 
Repeat starting at the middle mark and going to the right corner.
We did this over and over and over, until we had completed every wall. 
If you make it this far, kiss your brain! Because the hard task is over, now comes the easy part.
7. Taping…make sure and mark the sections you want to paint your 2nd color. I planned for the white to run into my baseboards so I just went up skipping lines from there. You will tape the INSIDE of each non painted stripe (to get full 10 inch coverage of the white stripe).
If you look closely you can tell every other stripe is a little smaller. That is because the tape is on the inside of those sections, again leaving the 10 full inches to be painted white.
8. Paint! I trimmed out the corners first while III did the rolling. We ended up doing two coats.
9. Now I’m a big proponent of removing the tape before it dries. It seems every time I wait it out, some of the dried paint gets stuck to the tape and it pulls the paint off the wall. So, my advice, pull before it’s too late.
10. Stand back and admire your handiwork! (no pun intended)
Whoops! Wrong picture. I meant this handiwork :o)
Please let me know if you are entertaining the idea, I’d love to help if I can.

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20 thoughts on “Horizontal Stripes…How To”

  • I love how you did this! I think it looks better in a smaller room and I love the colors you picked…not too much of a contrast that you get dizzy but enough to notice the stripe.

  • Been wanting to do big horizontal stripes forever…somewhere. Yours turned out fab! And, 'whatever makes you happy'? – that kid is going to make someone very happy someday :)

  • Just came across your blog and had to say that I do love the stripes. I would love to do that in my son's room but I don't think I'd have the patience to mark everything out. It looks wonderful!

  • This is the first time I have visited your (amazing) blog and I HAD to tell you how amazed I am by this powder room! It is absolutely gorgeous and something I would want to do but never be able to pull off. Now I know who to come to with interior design questions…

  • I am a new reader of your blog, and just love it! And the fact that you are a southern girl like myself…although I've been transplanted away. ;-)

    Just wanted to say that I would LOVE to try this idea with to very similar colors and to very different finishes of paint. I think that would add such an interesting depth! You did an outstanding job!!!

  • Hello again! Its me, ChelleBee, from a post some time back in June. NOW I remember how I found you!! It was THIS post. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those horiz stripes!!! (I was singing back there, you prob didn't catch it cuz I'm pretty sure you are WAY too young to remember, “Smoke, smoke, smoke those cigerettes”. W-A-Y too young!!!! Anyway, back to this post. You are my hero! I know you lifted this but I am secretly telling you, yours are much better!!! I am def lifting this for MY upstairs bath. I wanted vert stripes like a vintage beach scene, with cabanas. (Again, prob way too young). I will let you know when I am done, will send ya some pix. (I do not have a blog………..yet.
    TFS ChelleBee

  • This turned out amazing! I have pondered the idea of horizontal stripes but never attempted it. I have done vertical stripes and it is a lot of prep work. Great job on your room.


  • It really looks fantastic, and I bet you got lines that were straighter than using a laser level. Seriously! They can sometimes dip a little if your laser line is too long resulting in wonky stripes! The good old fashioned way is sometimes more accurate! I may have to give this a try soon!

  • Fun idea! A tip I learned from our painter… to make sure there's no bleed under the tape, paint the original wall color on the tape first. Let dry then paint the new color. Any paint that bleeds through won't be noticed (b/c it's the same color) and you get a crazy-crisp line when you take the tape off!

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