It’s so lovely to be back with you. I missed yall while I was away.
I’m sorry for my absence. We’ve been busy traveling, loving on family, and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life.
So is everyone’s house decorated for the Christmas season???
I’m SOO jealous!! Today’s torrential downpour paired with 7 hours of traveling in the car didn’t make for the best Christmas tree purchasing/decorating evening.
So instead I’m going to live a few more hours surrounded by fall leaves and acorns and share a little of Turkey day with you….
My in-laws have the most picturesque setting and redilicious barn to enjoy sweet potatoes and dressing.
We spent the morning setting the décor and I contributed with a few blogland inspired ideas.
We collected branches from around the property along with a few pinecones to fill the vases before hanging paper leaves and turkeys from the branches. Everyone was able to write what they were thankful for and we’ll have them for years to come.
These pom poms have been all the rage (I especially love them in nurseries), so using natural coffee filters and a ball of newspaper I followed a quick tutorial over at Hey Sis and created a little fun to hang from the rafters. They looked great!! So I couldn’t resist taking a few more pictures!
The next touch was a creation of my imagination…with nearly 40 family members in attendance place cards were set out to assure everyone a seat.
They were as simple as they look :o) A pinecone wrapped with some gold ribbon…I used my Silhouette to cut out both scalloped and flat circles. Everything is attached with a little hot glue! Cross your fingers with us and hope they save until next year. Maybe we can double dip in place setting usage.
The food was to die for with more choices that one girl could ask for, and trying a little bit of everything was not polite to the waistline. My dish, I dipped a few cake pops
and aunt Diane created the cutest edible acorns!
I am so thankful for the time spent with family, remembering all we have to be grateful for.
A few more pictures. Enjoy.





And what recap of time spent with III’s family would be complete without a nephew montage. 
Here is his stint at the official photographer!
I can now comfortably say goodbye Thanksgiving
HELLO Christmas!

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