School Story Saturday

The number of times a child’s response makes me smile during one single week is priceless. 
Hopefully, they will make you smile too.
I have 3 stories for you today:
Our kids run off their unyielding energy for about 15 minutes EVERY day at recess! And let me tell you, they need it :) This week a little boy in another class took a tumble on the asphalt right in front of me. As he curled up on the ground, I walked over to make sure he was okay. He was staring at his knee, but I didn’t see any bumps or scratches….”All clean” I said! “You are so tough!” He responded “Yeah, but it seems the ground kept a little bit of my wart.” Well, how do you respond to that?? “Gross!” Of course not, I just tried to stifle my laughter.
A first grader has been wandering up to the third grade hall (on the 3rd floor), for a few days, pretending that he is lost. While I do teach in a BIG school, this little boy, who happens to be full of spunk, we know is not lost. When my friend across the hall asked who his teacher was, he said he didn’t know her name. Also, not true. But what he did reveal, was she is the one who works with Santa & has the red shiny nose. You fill in the blank: Mrs. ________________ :)
I’m working with a precious little boy, who is having a hard time in school right now. I’m doing my best to figure out strategies to help make school “click” for him! He is doing his part too, and trying the best he can. The other day he said “Mrs. G, I think the counting time stuff is finally starting to get stuck in my head.” He was so proud…as I am of him!! This is the reason I teach.
This little boy is living out this quote I have in my classroom.
A good reminder for us all.

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Happy Saturday.

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  • That first one cracked me up lol! I teach college students, and I had a student this week ask me why she got a zero. I said “well you didn't turn in the assignment. Why did you not turn in the assignment?” Her reply “because I had better things to do” Shocking! Why would she ask me why she got a zero if she had better things to do than my assignment?! lol

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