School Story Saturday

There is a radio station here who is collecting letters for soldiers. 
They will be delivered to the men & women who serve us every day around Thanksgiving.
The station’s goal this year is to collect 400,000 letters for soldiers serving us all over the world.
Our school decided to take part, & this week my kids added their letters. 
They are truly priceless.
So I thought I would share.
Seeing the children open up their hearts and express their thanks is priceless. 
I thought I would share a few of my favorite comments with you.
Copied as only an 8 year old could write them.
“I want to thank you for being brave and strong…
thanks for all you do to protecting my country and family…”

“thank you for all you did for our country and God loves you with all His heart.”

“I’m glad you take all the time and effort…
I bet you get yelled at a lot, but you are protecting the world.”

“Dear Solider, I’m only in 3rd grade so please forgive me if I don’t spell everthing right.”
. . . . .

To all of you who serve, 
We are GRATEFUL for your service & protection. 
You are in all of our prayers.
Thank you.
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