Pumpkin First

When III and I were married, I thought I knew EVERYTHING there was to know about the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with.
I knew he loved Auburn football (this was very important).
 I knew he was a little bit of a germaphobe, and I always needed to have hand sanitizer ready.
I knew he had a dog named Champ for like a month as a kid, 
and that he was voted Best Personality.
I knew pizza was his favorite food, however Outback his favorite restaurant.
But, what I didn’t know, was there were things still left to still be revealed.
Like the fact he likes to place the cups upside down in the cabinet.
Or, that he had 2 pet birds as a child. (Who has a pet bird? Much less two…)
And the inside scoop that he doesn’t like Teriyaki sauce.
But the newest revelation came Friday night. 
Are you ready for this?
My husband has NEVER carved a pumpkin before. 
Shocking…I KNOW!
Well, rest assured he can no longer make this claim, 
because on Friday night he lost his pumpkin carving vir…(you get the picture).
The mood was set, the tools ready. 
We were at our Sunday School’s Pumpkin Carving Shindig.
I let him do most of the dirty work, (seeing how it was his first time and all.)
And like a kid stepping up to the plate for his first at bat…Mom got it all on camera.
He cut.
He scooped…
He sketched…
He then started to cut some more, but that is where I lost him.
The intricate details of our small design proved to be a little tough.
So I lent my pumpkin carving experience and a helping hand.
With a tag team effort, our pumpkin had new life.
. . . .
Another thing I know about my husband, is that he LOVES cookies. So I could have predicted, his domination of these witches’ hats at the party. So simple, yet so festive. Following a little advice from Pinterest, I turned a Fudge stripe upside down, added orange icing, and topped with a Hershey Kiss :o)
Happy Halloween.

Sharing at some FABULOUS parties. 

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