Pumpkin Cake Pops

This is the last tailgating post, I pinky promise.

But after this week’s annihilation, I feel like a cake pop success might be all we have!

Cake pops are such a hot commodity right now.

I knew they had to be at the tailgate, and so of course they would have to fit the

orange and blue theme.

I followed the same step by step process I used here.

However, I started with Pillsbury Pumpkin Bread mix as my cake.

Then I added about 1/3 a cup of cream cheese icing with the crumbled bread.

After forming the cake balls I left them in the freezer to firm up.


I just LOVE the little orange pieces. Again, keeping with the right colors…

I don’t have pictures of the dipping process, but I use candy wafers & have found them at both Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.

After dipping in the navy blue candy melts I sprinkled orange and white sprinkles before the candy coating hardened. This is where I had to do a little time management. I began to pick out all of the black sprinkles (since their original intention was for Halloween), but then I thought, “Is this REALLY necessary?” After a little inner dialogue I decided it was indeed not!

 I think as far as taste goes, these have been the BEST yet.

The pumpkin spice was a nice surprise every time!

I think the best trick (mentioned in my original cake pop post) is to dip the stick in icing before you push it into the cake pop. This adds A LOT of support for the rest of your steps! I plan on making these again, but going for more of a pumpkin look on the outside…

I’m sure I’ll be sharing with you soon! For now I’m sharing at some fabulous parties!

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