Photography Challenge: Sunset

It’s never too late to join us! Just check out all the details of the Photography Challenge & 
add your link below for this week’s subject!
. . . . .

First and foremost, I owe yall a picture. 
And I am keeping my promise! 
Better late than never, right?

After many failed attempts, this is the only one I am comfortable sharing…

I’m learning for SURE what I need to work on, and I will continue my silhouette photography practice.

Okay, moving RIGHT along…let’s share some REAL silhouette masterpieces.

I think this photo from HouseTalkN took my breath away. 
Kerry entitled it Field of Dreams.

Pacen’s Mom did it again with some great outlined shots…I LOVE this one in particularly.

And I couldn’t figure out how to save this image from Ana at Wonderland, so head over and check out the FABULOUS transformation for yourself.
I appreciate everyone who took on the challenge this week. The submissions dwindled a little bit, but I can understand that CHALLENGE! Hopefully, we’ll all be back in FULL force this week.
This week’s challenge encompasses God’s beautiful creation…
what is more beautiful that the perfect sunset?

This is a view from the deck at the lake. Isn’t it beautiful? I spent my summers here growing up, and I cherish every weekend I can make it back here. So many memories. It’s peaceful.
I can’t wait to see your shots of God’s handy work :o)
Next week’s subject for your photo shoot is YOUR SHOES…

This one shouldn’t be hard to find. If you are like me they are OVERTAKING your closet. I can’t wait to see which of the photography features we’ve worked on you apply next week!
Instead of a tip this week, I am sharing a little inspiration…
Now, let’s see those sunsets…
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