Photography Challenge: Bokeh

It’s never too late to join us! Just check out all the details of the Photography Challenge & 
add your link below for this week’s subject!

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Before we get to this week’s Challenge, here are a few eye catching ORANGE pictures. 

Thanks ladies for all of your ORANGE inspiration. It photographs SO well!!
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It’s Japanese for blur…
It draws you eye to the subject of the picture & creates a little something special in the background! 
Gotta love a good bokeh picture!

My inspiration came yesterday when I was walking Max.
 I noticed that the weeds behind our patio were no longer weeds…
Look what has sprouted up!

I used Aperture priority on my camera to take this picture. 
After turning the aperture number down as far as it would go (the smaller the number the less you can see), 
I focused on the flower. The camera did the rest!

Then, today as I was making cake pops for our trip Auburn this weekend, 
and I decided to take one more photo for this week’s challenge.

Pumpkin Cake Pops…just waiting a little candy coating :o)

Photography Tip: Get a Camera Strap Slipcover.
Why? Because it makes you feel like a professional. 
Plus, you’ll feel fancy while finding that perfect shot!
Here is a tutorial I did earlier this week if you want to make your own.
However, if you aren’t a seamstress, there are plenty of lovely ladies out there willing to sell you one!

Next Week’s Topic: Silhouette 

Linking Directions:
1. Click on Click Here to Enter below.
2. Enter the web address of the particular post your picture is coming from
(or the flicker page of the specific picture).
3. Give it a title.
4. Chose your challenge pic as the photo.
5. Visit some other photographers sharpening their skills, & tell them hello! 
We all need encouragement :)
6. Oh, and I’d love if you’d add the button to your post or blog (or a hyperlink). 
Let others know you are participating :) Maybe they’ll come join us!
*Each week the party will run from Thursday morning until the following Wednesday night. 
A new party will be posted each week.

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