Mummy Oreo Pops



III needed (This is his 2nd shout out this week!) a treat for his Halloween party at work tomorrow.

He was supposed to bring candy, but hopefully no one will mind that we strayed a little.
Inspired by How Does She, late last night we got to work…
and in a few short hours, we had another treat on a stick.
Similar to these cookie pops, cake pops, and ornament balls!
I know I say this a lot, but these treats on a stick REALLY are pretty simple. 
Plus you can’t really mess these up, because they are supposed to be messy. Score!
Here is a quick HOW TO. You’ll be whipping these up before you know it for this weekend’s Halloween party.
**I ended up substituting black icing for the chocolate chips.
Using a dab of icing, insert the stick into a DOUBLE STUFFED Oreo.
The next few steps required multiple hands, so the photo taking commenced. Sorry.
However, here is the rundown.
Dip the Oreo in the candy melts. 
Try to be patient until it hardens (I used the fridge to hurry up the process).
Dot two black eyes.
Drizzle with more candy melts.
Have fun. Get messy. Enjoy.
I want to give a special shout out to III’s coworkers. 
They are going to be the most EXTRAORDINARY box of crayons 
at their Halloween party tomorrow!!
Make sure to grab an Oreo Mummy Pop, and let III know if his hard work paid off :o)
(He was on eye & bag duty)
If you would like to also download a tag, here you go.
(Thanks to Sprik Space for the background)


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