Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running

Every Saturday morning our alarm goes off at 6:00 am.
“Why?” you ask…..
Because my EXTRAORDINARY husband has been training for a marathon.
His Saturday mornings have been filled with running 
6 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles, 20 miles

Well, today was the BIG day! And before I give you the RUNdown. (no pun intended)
I first must say how PROUD of him I am.
He made a goal.
He worked HARD towards that goal.
And he accomplished that goal.
Here he is along the route this a.m.
Just keep running, just keep running…
. . . . .
Mile 5…feeling good

Still going strong at mile 15!

His “stalked him like the paparazzi” FAN CLUB! 

Mile 21…really feeling the BURN.

  FINALLY, the last 100 yards. Finish STRONG.

The END is truly in sight :o)

And apparently the winner wins 100 pounds of bananas…

Just what the doctor ordered. One dose of sitting.
Taking a LOAD off!

Today I am such a PROUD wife!!
**More pictures to come (via my sister)

And HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Check out some last minute treats here and here!
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