Extreme Couponing

Anyone out there looking for a bit of money saving advice?

Now, I’m not suggesting you go crazy. 
Every time we watch the show on TLC, III suggests “If these ladies worked a job for the number of hours they spent searching, compiling, and cutting coupons…
they would earn more that they save.”

But I get it.

There is something to say for the moment you finish checking out and see…
Honestly, it’s a little bit of a rush!
 Do you KNOW all of the crafts I can make with $33.42???
So how do you start?
It’s simple.
Put in about one hour a week, and receive a $33.42 pay out!
Not too shabby if you ask me…

This week
I bought III coffee for $2.00 a bag.
How did I do it? 
Well, Eight O’Clock coffee is usually $6/bag.
But this week at Publix, it was BOGO.
So for $6 I could buy 2 bags of coffee.
 However I also had a coupon for $2 off whenever I bought 2 bags.
$6 – $2 =$4/2 = $2
And since it was only $2.00 a bag, I stocked up.
(I even added some new coupons to my stash)

Then I purchased some soup for $0.70  a can. 
How did I do it?
Again, the regular priced $2.39/can soup was on sale BOGO. 
I also had a coupon for $0.50 off when I bought two cans. 
The $0.50 doubles to $1.00. 
So for $1.39 I got two cans of soup.
$2.39 – $1.00 = $1.39/2 = $0.70
And since they were only $0.70 each, I stocked up.
My FAVORITE FALL dish is Chili! 
And well the Fritos & Chili Beans were on SALE.
The Chili beans for $1.00 a can.
The Fritos for $2.39 (minus a coupon for $1.00 off if I bought two)
So, you can probably guess. I stocked up….
Here is my tip for the BEST way to save money, but not take a lot of time:
Figure out what you USE and find out when it’s on sale, especially when it’s BOGO 
(most grocery stores run this sale).
 Then look for a matching coupon. Hand it over to the cashier.
Step back & SAVE BIG!

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