Comfort Food

Every now and then I get to the end of a day & just need a little pick me up.

Those days where there just aren’t enough hours to accomplish your “TO DO” list…
which in turn just makes tomorrow’s longer.

Is that okay for me to admit?
Does life ever slow down?
Please tell me I’m not alone :o)
So that is why today I am thankful for this little box,
thank goodness Gigi and her cupcakes came to the rescue.
Their flavors are to DIE for…
They might even have the ability to make me forget all that still needs to be done.

White Midnight Chocolate Chip, 
Red Velvet, 
Kentucky Bourbon, 
Grasshopper {something I can’t remember}

They are almost too pretty to eat.
But not really…
Thank goodness for Fridays.

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