Camera Strap Tutorial

Have you seen ALL the EXTRAORDINARY camera strap “slipcovers” out there!!
Gussy Sews are very chic!
Kevin & Amanda’s is simply beautiful.
And Originate and Renovate wins the prize for the FIRST camera strap slipcover
that caught my eye!
I feel like if I had one of these I would be a professional photographer. 
And why not be a professional photographer??
I would get to capture life’s small moments and preserve them forever…
Life’s a Journey Photography
{that would be my company’s name}.
So now that we have that settled, all I need is a fancycamera strap slipcover!!
And since I’m a make it and not buy it kind of girl…
check out how I went amateur to a professional in an hour.
. . . . .
 First, I started with a dog bed ripped up by the one and only Max Champion Gunter.
Then, I measured the camera strap currently attached to my camera…
and added 1 inch to the length.

The width I doubled and added 1 inch also.

Next, cut.
Now I would suggest adding some type of soft batting to the backside of the patterned fabric.
You could probably even use spray adhesive…
Real sewers 
(sew-ers, as in one who sews…not the stinky things in the ground)
use the word fabric interfacing, for such a step, but I’m not really sure what that is?????
I was lucky,
because my discarded dog bed fabric, already had a little cushion on the backside!
Kind of like the sew-er in this situation :o)
Now for a little more cutting.
I wanted a ruffled layer to add a little dimension, so I also cut a strip of burlap fabric. I doubled the length of my camera strap to allow for a little pizazz!

Now, let’s get to stitchin’

I hemmed the short side of my camera strap fabric 1/4″.
Then to the burlap I hemmed all 4 sides 1/4″


To create the ruffle, I used the longest stitch of the sewing machine, and ran it right down the middle.


Puling on ONLY the bottom string I ruffled the burlap…since it was kind of long,
I worked from both ends, always pulling on the same bottom string.
The next step was simple. 
After attaching my ruffle on the center of the right half of my OPEN camera strap fabric,
I stitched it right down the middle.
You are ALMOST there, so hang on!
With right sides together, sew the open side with a 1/4″ seam.
Now, this is the hardest part, you have to turn it INSIDE OUT.
Because it’s such a thin tube, it took a while.
I used a skewer, and after an episode of Jeopardy, I was halfway there.
So I watched another before I got where I wanted to be :o)
{I used to feel like I was smart when I watched that show, 
but I convinced I’m getting dumber with age}
Anyways, the rest of these photos are with Instagram because, well, the strap is on my camera.
I slipped it on the original strap…
and also created a few rosettes which I attached with hot glue.
Now, I’m off to take a few pictures!
If I’m ever going to truly be a professional I better start practicing!

And now that this one is ALL finished, it’ll be showing up in some Christmas stockings & gift bags on December 25th!

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