Accordion Banner

In preparing for the tailgate, I knew an AUBURN banner was a MUST to set the stage.

12 x 12 scrapbook paper
Scissors (or paper cutter)
Cupcake Liners
Letter color paper
Hole Punch

How To:
Cut each of your 12×12 scrapbook pages into
8×12 an d 4×12 pieces.

Fold the 8×12 in an accordion like fashion (each fold should be around 3/4 of a inch).

Then do the same with the 4×12 piece.

Now, I’m about to jump around…so pay attention. Things are about to get crazy! :o)

Back to the 8×12 piece. Fold it in half.

Open the “fan” back up and spread glue in the middle. Then press again.

Let the folds fall back open, and this is what you should get…
if it doesn’t look like this, you might want to start again!

Now, pick up the 4×12 accordion piece. Glue one of the short sides to half of the bottom fold.

And make sure your pattern is facing up!

Pull the 4×12 piece around and glue to the other half of the fold.

You staying with me? We are almost there!
A few of the folds in the middle may be a little lose. So just dab some glue and push together.

The last part is simple. Add your cupcake liner, and cut out letter (I used my Silhouette).

Hole punch & thread with twine.

And there you have it.

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