A Weekend to Remember

I know you have heard me say this time and time again.
I’m sorry to be repetitive. 
But, Auburn, Alabama truly is the most perfect place in the world.
The people smile and say hello.
Men hold open the door.
You can jaywalk and not worry about getting run over.
Lemonade…oh, the lemonade.
Random tailgates ask if you want to join in on the grub.
Friends are made. Lives changed.
As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend we pulled up to Auburn in an RV and parked for a while.
Kenneth and Miriam are making it a tradition. This year we were able to take part & were SO happy for the invite. We made some fantastic memories. 
Our journey began in Atlanta, where we loaded up everything one could possibly need for a weekend away from home…I mean, you never know when you might need a glue stick :o) or a big screen.
Then we piled in and hit the road.
And this little guy was the navigator.
One more, because I can’t resist those blue eyes.
We owe a BIG thank you to our captain.

After arriving late Friday night, we walked around campus
(because, well we didn’t have a car exactly).
And can I say, that seeing the kids heading to band parties made me feel OLD. 
They, what I can only guess to be freshman, looked like they couldn’t have been a day over 13.

 We hit up an old favorite Mama Goldberg’s.
They discovered the genius idea of covering Nacho Cheese Doritos
with Pepperjack cheese & jalapenos.
It’s a local favorite.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of where III & I slept.
Basically it was a picnic table, turned bed…about six feet long and four feet wide.
We sure got our cuddle on :o) I’m not complaining.

Saturday morning we headed out to another well known “bagel place” (as Florida fans called it)
or “Big Blue” as Auburn fans call it.

On the way we were able to get a first hand look at the trees on Toomer’s Corner.
They are fading, and not nearly as grand as they were pre-poison. :(

And what’s Toomer’s Corner without a stop at Toomer’s Drugs for some lemonade??
And checkout that sign…National Champions 2010!

Guess who also, stopped in for some lemonade??

It’s Tiger, the eagle…

If you want to do any shopping there is a bookstore that has been around
since my parents were in school at Auburn.
It’s called J&M for Johnson & Malone. So many decisions…and after an hour of looking around & piling up potential purchases. I left with NOTHING…I was just too overwhelmed.

If you are still with me…thanks!
Okay, so now to the good stuff.
We tailgated ALL day.
And knowing I would be posting these pictures, we had to make sure we did this right!

Pizza Puff and Cake Pop information to come…
Banner how to…also on the agenda :o)
The labels I made on Picnik with the help of the fabulous prints from Sprik Space.
Email me if you would like a set.
And the cupcake toppers came from She’s {Kinda} Crafty.

We ate until there was no room left, and then we ate some more!
That is what tailgating is all about, right?

While the place and the food was amazing, what truly made this trip was the people.
We were able to catch up with friends, where those friendships began.

Of the six members of the 361 Mafia in college, 5 of the girls were there.
(Sarah we missed you…South Korea is too far!)
And three had babies in tow. There were LOTS of photos to be taken…and I took on the challenge.
{Thanks mom for assisting in the pictures featuring yours truly.}

 (BC & LB… plus 2)

One of Lindsay’s girls.

Making introductions.

How precious is this face…

Take One

Take Two.

Miriam’s little boy had his pick of the ladies.

And we just couldn’t wake this sweet baby. Betty Cliar’s bundle of joy was fast asleep.

I even got III in on the baby action. One day…
**I must give my mom a shout out here, she helped to capture some of these baby pics & the ones where I am obviously not taking the picture :o) Thanks mom for helping me document the fact that I was there!

We capped the weekend off with a fire & BIG win over Florida! Could life be any sweeter???

Sunday morning came too soon, as we were on the road again, back to Atlanta.

Pardon the greasy hair. Some part of this experience was TRULY camping at it’s finest :o)

Here is the whole crew!

This weekend was EXTRAORDINARY.
Auburn forever has a special place in my heart.
And the friendships will never fail to be the reason.

War Eagle.

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