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First & foremost, let me give a shout out to all of my FABULOUS readers!! 
We reached 300 followers yesterday, and I say WE because this is a community…you inspire me, and I do my best to leave you each day with a little inspiration as well. 
A Step in the Journey wouldn’t be what it is without all of you along for the ride. THANK YOU!!
. . . . . 
This summer in a little thrifting adventure with two of my EXTRAORDINARY teacher friends,
(shout out to Kelli & Maria)
I stumbled upon this little chair. 
And it just tugged at my heartstrings. 
Can’t you picture sitting in it around your grandmother’s kitchen table. 
My vision, however, then took a little detour and ended up in the corner of our living room.
Oh, how I loved the spindles & the rounded back!
First things first, III removed the seat, which was attached with three screws on the underside.
Then the entire chair (3 months later) got a great rubdown, 
both with a wet cloth & then a little sandpaper.
Next, I sprayed it with a coat of Krylon’s white primer. 
The sprayer was being a bit of a pill & the coat ended up a little splotchy, but 
(professionals cover your ears)
I kept on going…you gotta roll with the punches sometimes. 
While the primer coat was drying I recovered the seat of the chair with some beautifully simple, burlap fabric.
For this step, the staple gun was my friend.
Let me apologize, because I may or may not have forgotten to stop in the top coat painting process 
for a photo op. 
But, I painted it white (also with Krylon Spray Paint). 
As a teacher would say, can your visualize it in your mind for me?
Now, for the fun part!!!!! I LOVE distressing :) and Mr. Black & Decker was the perfect assistant!
I went to town, and left no spindle unturned.
III came in for backup and reattached the new seat. 
So without further ado, it’s time. Please sit & stay awhile!
Now, who loves a good before & after???
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