School Story Saturday

I love my job. 
To be in this profession it’s vital to be passionate, I believe.
If you phone it in, it’s just not fair for anyone, especially the kids. 
Kids these days (as if I’m not almost a kid myself at 27)…they need to be motivated, they need to be encouraged, they need to be taught how to interact with people and how to properly speak using a task verb toolkit
For example, if someone says “hello” you should respond to them. 
These things may seem simple to us now, but I bet someone once taught these things to you.
You want to know something crazy. 
I am with my students for more waking hours a day than their parents. 
Talk about pressure. 
My class mission is this:
“I pray that we all leave this classroom as better people for having been here.” 
That’s smarter, nicer, more compassionate, better mannered, driven, and just all around wanting to
 Be Your Best Self (as I tend to put it). 
This is how we worked on those things this week…
I have a little girl, we’ll call her A. She just turned 9 and asked me what I would be buying her for her birthday. A little forward, don’t you think :) I wasn’t aware of this expectation as I usually hand out a pencil & a homework pass. She seemed to want a real gift. I asked her what she had gotten me for my birthday. She stared up at me over her glasses with a puzzled look on her face, and retorted, “but I’m turning 9 tomorrow.” When her birthday arrived a balloon pencil did hit the spot. She uses it every day :) Some kids find joy in the small things. And the homework pass, well it came in handy too. I guess she was up too late partying to practice her subtraction.
Through this experience she practiced gratitude.
. . . . .
I have a boy in my room pretty much says whatever comes to his mind. On one hand, he speaks to me and says things like “You have great taste in movies. I especially enjoy this selection.” 
Isn’t that lovely?
However…on the flip side
he also has been cited saying things “My book buddy looks like a martian, and talks like one too.” But let me back up…he first said “My book buddy looks like a machine & talks like one too.” 
The martian comment was in his efforts to make the description nicer. 
Not the best way to make friends sweetheart. 
We’re working on it, but needless to say kids repeat what they hear. 
This conversation taught 
If you can’t say something nice, it’s best not to say anything at all.
. . . .
We had the Olympics last week to wrap up our study of ancient Greece. The kids received medals, & we had a few extra so the parents that helped out got one too for their teamwork!! One little girl asked if she could have one for her dad because he would feel left out when he saw that both she & her mom were wearing some bling. I informed the little one that moms and dads are like one person and they share EVERYTHING, so I was sure Mom would share with Dad. Without missing a beat she responds, 
“No they don’t, all my they do is argue & talked too loud :( “
Through this experience we learned that some information is better kept to yourself. 
And for those of you reading this…remember kids are an open book that doesn’t take any prompting.
. . . .
We had a “wrap party” and jammed out to some of our favorite tunes (it’s called a wrap party due to our Hollywood theme). T & P had a dance off. Like a legit one. P would do the robot & point over to T. T would do the worm & point back…it’s quite entertaining. Maybe one day I’ll see them on So You Think You Can Dance. And I can say…I “taught” them everything they know.
During the wrap party we were reminded the importance of having fun. 
And the “surprising” fact that you can accomplish this very task without a TV or video games!
. . . .
In other news we are teaching about the branches of government. 
Checks & Balances anyone?
 Isn’t it crazy an 8 year old needs to know details about the
 legislative, executive, and judicial branches 
@ the local, state, and national level?
I mean really…when we could be having a “wrap party!”
What did you learn this week???
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