School Story Saturday



I have this quote posted on my desk at work.
I kept coming back to it because, well…
It was a frustrating day. It happens to the best of us. 
I have a child that I can’t figure out HOW TO MOTIVATE…nothing is working.
I am praying he reaches his FULL potential, and God gives me the discernment for how to get him there!

I want my students to know they are loved.
I want them to know they matter.
I want them to be the VERY BEST they can be.
I want to strengthen their voices & minds.
I want to teach them how to express their feelings.
I want to teach them to take risks, and
that it is okay not to know, but it isn’t okay not to try.
I want them to know they can change the world.
. . . . .
I also want them to know that the Supreme Court
represents the Judicial Branch
in our national government.

One little man isn’t so sure…when I asked I was met with a puzzled look, so I have him a hint:

“It’s ___________ court & that blank is a kind of pizza!”

“Cheese Court?”

“What?? No silly…”

“Oh, yeah…I mean pepperoni.”

All I could do was smile…luckily the rest of the class chimed in with supreme :)

Happy Saturday…go out & change the world!

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1 thought on “School Story Saturday”

  • Thank you for this post! Some days I feel like everything I'm doing is working and some days I sit at my desk exhausted after the last child has left and wonder how I will ever reach some of them. Some days it doesn't feel like what I'm doing is enough. I've just begun following your blog and by the title of this post, I hope School Story Saturdays is a regular occurence.

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