Photography Challenge: Week #7

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Wednesday was one of those days, where it seems no matter how hard I try, there just isn’t enough time to school teach, blog write, grocery shop, small group talk, photo take, dog walk, recycle, etc. And so you are awake at 11pm trying to pull together a post in time to get a few hours of shut eye before your alarm goes off at 5am. Yes, I said 5 AM…
But that is why there is Thursday…as reminded tonight, not a day with a fun alliteration, like Marvelous Monday or Fabulous Friday, but a great day nonetheless!! 
So that brings me to this truth…I haven’t taken my picture yet. I’ll chalk it up to the subject is “What I Wore Today” and technically it’s not “today” yet, so check back tonight to see what I am able to come up with….
A few favorites from last week: 
(Sorry I didn’t get around to everyone this week; I was looking!)
First up, a beautiful ring, and even more beautiful is Rachel’s story behind it..which is my story too, since her Peg Peg, is my Peg Peg.
Being from a small town myself, I’m digging this shot of a small town drugstore..The Everyday Ordinary provided us with a great low angle view!!
Becky @ Buzzy Bee Creations linked a great picture of her son, I really enjoy the angle, bokeh, & light in this photograph!!
Thanks to everyone who joined the party this week…and those of you that are continuing to stick it out & challenge yourself, well you can kiss your brain!! 
Here is my shot of what I wore today…tennis shoes; the weather was beautiful, topping out at a cool 74 degrees! So, what better to do on a cool summer day, than go for a walk!

My tip this week is simple & one I need to remember: becoming a good photographer takes 
time & practice
Both of which I need to devote a little more time too, so keep playing with the settings, keep reading tips, and most of all keep clicking!!
Next week we’re photographing black & white!! A world of endless possibilities :)
But first, let the fashion show begin…
What You Wore Today

Linking Directions:
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2. Enter the web address of the particular post your picture is coming from
(or the flicker page of the specific picture).
3. Give it a title.
4. Chose your challenge pic as the photo.
5. Visit some other photographers sharpening their skills, & tell them hello! 
We all need encouragement :)
6. Oh, and I’d love if you’d add the button to your post or blog (or a hyperlink). 
Let others know you are participating :) Maybe they’ll come join us!

*Each week the party will run from Thursday morning until the following Wednesday night. 

A new party will be posted each week.

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