Photography Challenge: Week 10

It’s never too late to join us! Just check out all the details of the Photography Challenge & 
add your link below for this week’s subject!
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First, let me share a few favorites over the past few weeks…

Black & White

A Mess
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This week the subject was HANDS.

Now, I wanted to do a photo like this, isn’t it precious…

but I don’t have a child, which caused a slight problem…so I had to head in a different direction.
I took a little creative liberty and I went to the next best thing, 
seeing as he is basically our child anyway.

Guess Who’s “HAND” this is???

It’s Maaaaaaaaaaaaaxxx!!!!

It took multiple shots to get him to sit still long enough for me to photograph his paw. I truly put the “challenge” in the Photography Challenge this week :)

Did anyone else step outside the box this week???

Photography Tip of the Week: 
Buy a tripod. 
After doing a little reading this week, some of the BEST photos are shot with a camera sitting on a tripod. When you are able to set up a shot on a tripod you eliminate movement of the camera, therefore it can do it’s job. This is MOST important when slowing down your shutter speed to capture motion. 

I plan on playing around with shutter speed this weekend, and will definitely use a tripod. We are hosting an Auburn football shindig, so there will be LOTS of ORANGE & hopefully lots of movement, as those orange & blue shakers cheer on the Tigers :)

Next Week’s Subject: ORANGE

Linking Directions:
1. Click on Click Here to Enter below.
2. Enter the web address of the particular post your picture is coming from
(or the flicker page of the specific picture).
3. Give it a title.
4. Chose your challenge pic as the photo.
5. Visit some other photographers sharpening their skills, & tell them hello! 
We all need encouragement :)
6. Oh, and I’d love if you’d add the button to your post or blog (or a hyperlink). 
Let others know you are participating :) Maybe they’ll come join us!

*Each week the party will run from Thursday morning until the following Wednesday night. 

A new party will be posted each week.

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