Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day everyone!! 
I hope you are resting & enjoying the end of this long weekend. 
Soon we will be back to the grind.
This weekend we spent time with friends. 
It was a LABOR of LOVE, as we celebrated the marriage of Alex & Amber. 
{except, there was not labor, only love.}
The two were married at Lake Como in Italy this past July. 
This weekend we were able to share in their joy!!
We were invited to stay in this amazing house for the weekend.
To make it even better…it is on a lake.
A few of the house’s luxuries, include a wine cellar, movie theater, steam room, and 
bathrooms the size of bedrooms. 
We were treated like royalty.
Friday night, the house guests dined on BBQ & watched the incredible video of Alex & Amber’s wedding ceremony. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more incredible view than Lake Como in the summertime. 
{however, I wouldn’t trade the winter time trip I made there..}
Don’t you LOVE the twinkle lights???
This weekend we were also able to spend time with III’s friends from high school. A group that had remained loyal to their friendship for the past 10 years. Alex was a part of this group & we were happy he gave the guys a reason to come from all over the country to hang out!
**I have to stop here to give a shout out to Omid. He is in the middle picture on the right with his girlfriend. He reads the blog, and I mean reads enough to talk to me about it whenever I see him :) You are a stud!

Saturday night, we partied like rock stars!! Wasn’t it beautiful.
The weekend capped off on Sunday with the BYFL reunion. The guys “founded”
Backyard Football League in high school & this weekend the Daphne guys, 
although not quite a young as they used to be, 
defended their title
Thanks Alex & Amber for a FABULOUS weekend! 
We can’t wait to share many years of memories with the two of you. 

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