Faux Roman Shade

Isn’t faux a fancy word :) 
I think it’s French, like geaux…
as in, when LSU shouts “Geaux Tigers” (& I cringe…haha).
Back to the point of this post…a faux (as in fake) roman shade…it’s a tutorial of sorts.
Needing to bring LIFE via color into our master bedroom, I found the perfect print via the 
Wal-Mart, yes I said Wal-Mat, linens section…yep, this shade is made from a sheet!!
Want to give it a try??? Here is what you need to know!
I don’t have pictures of the first part, but begin by measuring your window’s length & width. The cut your fabric the length plus 6 & the width plus 4. (If you are doing more than one window you can layer your fabric & only cut once!
Begin by turning the “top” of your fabric under 3 inches, then press. Sew as to create a rod pocket, I used a fun zig zag stitch to spice things up a little!!
Then hem the sides, and bottom using a 2 inch inseam. That’s the easy part…
Now, you need to create the folds. I used a yardstick to help the folds stay evenly spaced, 5 inches apart.

Then pin them in place.
This is the tricky part. Working down each of the sides hand stitch the folds together. Make sure you attach the bottom of each fold to the top of the next. I tried to keep the needle from going all the way through by using the hem. However, don’t stitch too tightly, you will need room to slide a dowel rod into the pocket you created. 

Now flip the shade over, I loosely stitched the folds together to prevent any major sagging in the middle…no one likes to much sagging.
Now the surprising part, are you ready for this..grab your glue gun. 
{Don’t tell anyone this part, unless you have fabulous readers that will keep your secret…}
Because my fabric was a little thin, I decided to add some blackout lining. Make sure you cut your blackout fabric one inch smaller on on sides since it will be a liner. Then, glue it in! Make sure you attach only to the border of your shade…the lining is heavy & will pull on the single layered part.

Finally, attach either to a strip of wood or like me, thread through a curtain rod. After hanging the shade, I slid dowel rods into each fold to add a little more to the shape, however, I still wanted it to look natural, so I didn’t try too hard to make it perfect!
And there you have it {minus the nickle brackets & bronze rod, but that is for another day}.
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