Blogland’s Fabulous Friday Finds: Week #11

Are your ready for some football???? Last weekend was FULL of exciting games, and I’m relieved to tell you AUBURN pulled out a win…as we should have.
With one week down, and a countless number of pigskin Saturday’s to come, 
I thought I would collect some fabulous finds that may enrich your college football experience!
But, first things first, you must pack up for the tailgate.
Then serve these awesome Chocolate Ice Football Cookies
Next up, call a timeout to make this precious jersey dress for a little one at your tailgate. Thanks Zoe @ Scout’s Stitches for sharing this fabulous idea!
During halftime, you can set up a decorative tailgate like Sarah over at Sheek Shindigs...and aren’t they the perfect colors!
And, in keeping with the Auburn theme, a football weekend at the loveliest village on the plains isn’t complete without a little Toomer’s lemonade. Cupcake Chatter, knows what it is all about!
I believe every home needs a decorative wreath declaring their allegiance…She’s {kinda} Crafty can help get you started with a EXTRAORDINARY ribbon wreath!
And finally, a MUST at any football gathering in the south has to be Rotel dip.
Check out Kayotic Kitchen’s simple recipe!

Do you have any football traditions?
Maybe a must make dish?
A favorite team? 
Anyone else out there plan their Saturday’s around the game???
 I hope it’s not just me!
War Eagle!

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