Be Invention Since Sliced Bread

Do you have the NEXT button??
Well, if you don’t pay attention! You are going to thank me for this one :)
So, I have a love – hate relationship with Google Reader….
On the one hand it’s AWESOME because it provides one stop shopping for all my favorite blogs.
On the other hand if someone updates their blog design, I never know.
I miss out on the environment the post was designed to be read in.
Enter the NEXT button…so little, yet so perfect.
When you click the NEXT button in your bookmark bar it takes to to the actual web page of the most recently updated blog on your Google reading list. Click it again, and you’ll get the next blog in line. Amazing right?? It eliminates the hate! It makes it possible to not miss out on the latest & greatest, but still get the FULL view of your favorite blogs.
So, does everyone already know this, and I’m just late to the party???
I hope not. If you want to join the fun, check out the 1, 2, 3, on how to get this  
pure awesomeness!
1. Go to Google Reader
2. Go to Reader Settings
3. Go to Goodies & find the NEXT button about halfway down the page!
Just drag the button to your bookmarks bar…and enjoy the magic.
You’ll never miss an A Step in the Journey post again ;)
Just kidding.
But seriously, do you want to take that chance??

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