DIY Waterproof Picnic Quilt

I’ve been quilting a good bit lately, but almost ALL of my projects have been for my mom-to-be friends & their little bundles of joy. 
A few weeks ago I decided to make one for myself, however in my head it would have a little twist.
I wanted to make a quilt we could take on picnics. Now, I know you could take any ole blanket on a picnic trip, but you know the one problem you run into? That’s right! The ground is wet & in a it’s own time the blanket follows suit. So one day while still pondering the idea, I came across a post by
Centsational Girl. I had the inspiration I needed! Kate had used a table cloth as the backing to her own picnic blanket. Genius!! 
I got right to work.

Before I begin though, I must pause & thank my ever so dependable helper, Maaaax!


Wal-Mart had tablecloths on sale & so I snagged one for 4 buckaroos. Then I picked up some beautiful green & white fabric at Hobby Lobby to use along with a bright yellow I had pulled off my bulletin boards at the end of last school year.   
Using 10 x 10 squares a I fashioned a simple quilt top in a block pattern. Then I basted the quilt with the tablecloth, including a layer of batting in between. After a little binding action, that was that.
Mission accomplished! Check out Kate’s tutorial if you want a little more detail. My plan of action came from her inspiration! 


Now we just have to go on a picnic!
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