Photography Challenge: Week #4

We’re back!!! Are you keeping up??
Back to School has been CRAZY, so this post isn’t too in depth. 
However, my blog & I will be back in full force next week :)
Week 4 : Dinner
For my birthday a few weeks ago, we dined at the Grand Hotel in Fairhope, AL. Delish. 
This picture was what most people call “lunch,” but down here in the south, the mid-day meal can be called dinner too! Therefore, check out this shrimp po-boy III had. That thing was stacked!
Here are a few more dinner shots, from past blogs, I thought I would throw them in for good measure.

Photography Tip: When taking a photo in low light, try increasing your ISO. ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. The lower the number, the less sensitive your camera is to light & the finer the picture. A higher ISO is great when there isn’t a lot of light, but you don’t want to use a flash. Your picture will be brighter, but there is a cost. It will also be a little grainer. I’m by NO means an expert, but I wanted to share what I’ve been learning the past few weeks :)

Next Week: From a high angle

What are you cooking up this week??

Linking Directions:
1. Click on Click Here to Enter below.
2. Enter the web address of the particular post your picture is coming from
(or the flicker page of the specific picture).
3. Give it a title.
4. Chose your challenge pic as the photo.
5. Visit some other photographers sharpening their skills, & tell them hello! 
We all need encouragement :)
6. Oh, and I’d love if you’d add the button to your post or blog (or a hyperlink). 
Let others know you are participating :) Maybe they’ll come join us!
*Each week the party will run from Thursday morning until the following Wednesday night. 
A new party will be posted each week.

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