Photography Challenge: Week #3

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I’m SO glad you are here! 
Thanks for stopping by for week 3 of our Photography Challenge, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from last week, What Makes You Smile?

Meet Cali, Kate’s beautiful Collie over at Dream to Life. It seems she lives quite the life!

And isn’t Ricki’s little girl, Bailey precious. I love the glow around her!

At Everyday Ordinary, Amanda really captured the joy of her friend’s wedding day. I am loving the blue tones in this pic!

Thanks so much to everyone who linked up…my cheeks were hurting by the time I made it through all the pictures!
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This week you are searching for BOLD colors. What did you find?


Well, last week we headed down to L.A. (lower Alabama) to visit some of my favorite people in the world. BC just had a little girl, baby Blair. We went to see her & BC’s twin sister, Sarah, who is here from South Korea. As with the past few babies, Blair receive a handmade quilt. And therefore, 

my BOLD Color Subject: Quilt

Doesn’t it look delish? Not only is it BOLD & fun, but this shot contains my favorite colors!!

Here is a full shot…

And because I love these faces…

I can’t wait to see what pictures you link up.

But first, a cool chart that I found via your favorite site & mine, Pinterest.  It helps explain all those letters at the top of your camera, and how they impact your picture.

Let me know if you find it helpful. I sure did!! What did you think of Kevin & Amanda’s site?

Remember, next week’s topic: Dinner

Now link up that talent!!

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3. Give it a title.
4. Chose your challenge pic as the photo.
5. Visit some other photographers sharpening their skills, & tell them hello! 
We all need encouragement :)
6. Oh, and I’d love if you’d add the button to your post or blog (or a hyperlink). 
Let others know you are participating :) Maybe they’ll come join us!
*Each week the party will run from Thursday morning until the following Wednesday night. 
A new party will be posted each week.

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