House{to}Home Series_Master Bedroom

It’s the final stop on our House {to} Home Series…the master bedroom.
This room literally made us sick…like Pepto-Bismol sick.

 For a little girl’s room…it’s a match made in heaven! For a newlywed couple, we needed something a little more soothing, calming, relaxing. And for goodness sake, what is that lamp doing there???
So we grabbed a paint brush & got to work! 
III actually picked the color. We didn’t have our duvet with us at the time, so we tried to guess the right shade of blue. When it went on the walls we loved it!
However, our duvet did not…we went for the easy fix & bought a new duvet.
With a little tender, love, & care, this is how our master bedroom looks today (or yesterday…)
Duvet @ Bed Bath & Beyond. Pillow @ Kirklands. Headboard @ Trends & Traditions. Blessed Sign @ DIY.

Opposite the bed…

Lantern @ Crate & Barrel. Lamp @ The Picket Fence. Window @ friends. Dresser @ DIY. Globe @ TJMaxx.

Side note: Do you think we should add mirrors to the window panes? patterned paper maybe? or as Paul McCartney would say…let it be?

This picture turned out a little blurry…my apologies. This bookshelf is found between the two windows in the room. Imagine the metal picture frame being hung on the wall. That is my intention, but has yet to come to fruition. 

The drapery in the room are faux Roman Shades made from a fitted sheet. Want some of your own?? Look for a tutorial coming soon. 
A few other treasures around the room, really gives things a personal touch, reating a great place to rest for the hectic lives we seem to lead. I just keep hoping it will slow down soon, but I have a feeling that day is not on the horizon. We are glad to have this space to lay our heads.
Our master bath has come a long way too…here is a before.
and now…
Make sure and check out our medicine cabinet cover up trick! The counters we haven’t changed out yet, but we did swap the fixtures, faucet, & paint the vanity brown. The biggest change in the bath, has to be the newly tiled floor & shower.

Both DIY projects that took A LOT of time. Considering our learning curve, both projects turned out pretty well :) Minus a few tiles that might need re-sticking.
Our last major feat to accomplish in here is to repaint. We have a few spots that needed a little patching & sanding. Like this…
But I am waiting on my Dutch Boy paint deck to come in. They have generously offered me the chance to check out their paint & I think this room will fit the bill!!
Last but not least, let’s head back to the bedroom to visit the one wall I purposefully left out of the photo shoot…
Our entire house has closets with the floor to ceiling METAL doors. I HATE them. I know it’s a really strong word, and I don’t use it often, but if the shoe fits…
Currently we are in limbo as we await the beginning of another project. We’re using curtains in place of the doors, because I am pretty sure opening and closing the last set was going to be the end to my existence….new “real” doors are in our future.
So while this wraps up our House {to} Home series for a little while, I am SURE to be back. After all…like life, a home is a constant work in progress.
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