House{to}Home Series_Guest Bedroom

It’s time for another edition of
This week it’s our guest bedroom….
Would you want to come & stay?
The armoire and end table were my grandfather’s. They originally looked like this:
And now they look like this
Nothing a little paint, sander, and ORB spray paint can’t fix.
After removing the hardware & giving it a good wipe down I primed these suckers. Gave them two coats of Behr’s Jasime White, then pulled out the electric sander & roughed them up a bit. The gold handles got a coat of ORB & there you have it!
This trunk was a yard sale find & still in need of a little TLC!
I love the circles on these pillows.
And then their is our homemade headboard (from Monday).

Let me know when to book your reservation. (for our place, not above…unfortunately)
We wrap the tour up next week with our master bedroom!
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