Going Green

Well, have you noticed I’ve been doing A LOT of refinishing lately?? First, it was the bench, then the end tables,headboard, armoire, & bedside table in the guest room, and now…we’re going green in the bedroom!!

My sister graduated from college in May, and as a “Way to Go/Welcome to the Real World” gesture, we gave her the vanity in our bedroom. It was my great-grandmother’s & she has ALWAYS loved it. And well, when you give away one piece of a matching set…you might need to go ahead and give them all. So the bedside table & chest of drawers went too.
Sidenote: Want to hear a funny story?? Until about 2 years ago I thought a “chest of drawers” was called “chester drawers.” I used it in a sentence and my interior designer aunt about fell out of her seat. You learn something new every day I suppose :)
Ok, back to the task at hand. So, the only thing left in our bedroom was the bed itself. My parents gave us a dresser they used to have in their bedroom & I went to work.
(Yes, I did it right in the bedroom…No, I don’t suggest that to be the best idea, 
but you have to work with what you have, right?)

Without further ado, here is how it looks today…
After sanding & staining (which I don’t feel is really by cup of tea; see exhibit A below) I wrestled with what color to paint the bottom. 

And after texting pictures to III at work we settled on a warm/pale green. 
I have not idea it’s real color as it was a mi-tint from the BIG orange store. I was nervous about taking this color risk, I was REALLY leaning toward an antique white, but I like it. It adds just the pop we need!
She got two coats…then using the rag I had wiped the stain off with, I added a little depth.
The handles received a little ORB treatment. I looked into ordering new knobs, but the holes in the small ones are 3.5 inches apart & handles have been hard to find. I know I can putty the holes & refill, but I’m just not there yet. We’ll see. For now I’ll just pretend I’m at the beach :)
So, what do you think?
I’m crossing my fingers that everything will be done in here (master bedroom) for the House{to}Home Series on Wednesday, but I might have to postpone it a week. I’m working on a great piece for above the dresser & I don’t want to reveal without it!

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