Favorite Things in Town

 This is my favorite place in the world, with many of my favorite things. And while it’s not currently 
“my town,” it was for 5 years. Five great years, (4 in school & one teaching) where I made some of the best memories of my life.
Auburn, Alabama.
When you go (yes, I said when because it should be on your bucket list) stop by Samford Lawn. I suggest having a picnic here in the spring. (You can even make my picnic quilt to take along.)

But then come back in the Fall because you HAVE to catch a football game at
Jordan Hare Stadium. Make sure you squeeze in tailgating with some of the nicest folks in Alabama! War Eagle :)
We are the current National Champions after all…

Above & below are two nostalgic things for me in Auburn. Try a Momma’s Love when you stop in at Mama Goldbergs. Then run by Amsterdam’s & pick up some turkey wraps, sided with sweet potato chips for the road!! The honey mustard is to die for :) 

I think what has the biggest impact as far as things in town, are the people. 
I met the best 5 friends a girl could ask for here.
Did you know the college football season starts on Saturday!??! 
I think I’ll be making a trip to some of my favorite things in town VERY soon!!
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14 thoughts on “Favorite Things in Town”

  • aww… seeing this photos make my miss my “hometown” of 5 years, Pullman, WA home of Washington State Univ. Yes it was a while ago but such happy memories of WSU in Fall.

  • Oooh I feel the excitement, I'm such a lover of fall football too! What wonderful images of Auburn, and that brick facade is just so gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your very favorite spot! Go War Eagles!

  • War Eagle! Just saw your blog from CG's post. I went to Auburn and miss it so much. I actually know the twins in your picture above. Thanks for sharing such a special place… and making me want a turkey wrap and sweet potato chips! :)

  • I have plenty of great memories of AUBURN. I live less than an hour and a half away so I can get there fairly fast. You're right, it's a great town. I went to a few games when I was in high school….always watched on t.v. or the radio…..I got my Master's Degree there….My wonderful husband grew up there….My super father-in-law was the Registrar for Auburn….My husband gave me my beautiful Ware's ring while picnicing on the President's Lawn before a game….and yes, my baby got to tailgate with us many times in her cute little Auburn outfits when she was little. And, I know, I need to wrap this up…we are National Champs—I guess things just can't be any better for an Auburn Gal. I've got to say it…WAR EAGLE!!!!

  • War Eagle! My husband went to Auburn too! We love some Auburn tailgates, and football, and Mama G's….list goes on. Thanks for sharing, it is one of our favorite places.

  • Just popped in from Centsational Girl's party to say I have a soft spot for Auburn. I visited there when my daughter was accepted to graduate school. She ultimately chose to go elsewhere, but I still have my Auburn refrigerator magnets. Beautiful campus.

  • Love College Football! Go Hokies! BF and I are meeting our friends @ VT for a home game this year. We haven't been back since '02, very much looking forward to visiting our old stumping grounds.

  • I'm SO excited for college football to start! I'm an Aggie (Texas A&M). We are currently in the “will they or won't they” for joining the SEC. . .we may be rivals eventually! :)

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