Family Ties

Sigh. I love when family comes to town. This weekend it was the in-laws. I’m a lucky lady. My in-laws are the BEST! We have a little yearly tradition for Papa G’s birthday (III’s pop). They come up to the big city & we show them a good time.
III fired up the grill & cooked burgers to perfection…he really took over this meal, & made some tasty steak fries as well. (We followed this steak fry recipe). I did a small part, and baked a simple, but yummy dessert. Look for this peach cobbler recipe soon.
Saturday morning we woke up & headed to the local Farmer’s Market. It was HUGE, unfortunately there was a huge sign when we walked it that said
Boo. But, the fruit. The veggies. the daily baked bread. Maybe I’ll sneak a few pics next time
(but don’t tell anyone).
After stopping at a local pizza shop, we headed to an antique mall. I saw so many, many cute things. 
If only I had a porch to put this gliding bench on.
This old door, was to die for. Unfortunately, I was a little too worried to buy it, in case it had lead paint, so I guess I should take my words back. 
Great for a party!
This typewriter is so cool & old school.
Hair cut anyone?
 This end table had beautiful curves & details.
Shutters, oh how I love thee…
Loving the distressed look on any & everything…
If only I could keep plants alive long enough to make this beautiful.
A picnic basket from over 80 years ago. So vintage & special.
Now this was just creepy. The Big Bad Wolf  is dead.
I need to figure out how to do this. Wouldn’t it be cool to copy an old postcard on a pillow?
That’s me in a REALLY big mirror.
With a little tea lights, these jars would set the mood on our patio.
Unfortunately, (as you may have read in my reclaimed wood headboard post) my housing budget has been roped in, and I left empty handed. But I’ll be back soon. Don’t fret little glasses.
Before Mama G & Papa G headed back south, we completed the staple tradition of this trip & headed out to watch the Braves play. And the tickets….oh my goodness…this is without a zoom.
Seventh row, behind home plate. Hello Mr. Heyward.
III did good :) We had a great time.

And not only did the in-laws come to stay, my mom & sister stopped by today. I wish I had photos, but we were busy setting up my classroom in the new school building (with is incredible by the way & worth the days of packing a few months ago) & I didn’t pull out the camera. 
They were here just in time to enjoy the new headboard :)
You can check out the rest of the guest room design tomorrow during my 
House{to}Home series. 
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