The Story of How the Pizza Ended Up in the Garbage

        How the Pizza Ended Up in the Garbage


. . . . . . . 

        One warm Sunday evening a sweet couple was working around the house. Wife was upstairs staining the top of their new dresser (and having a little trouble), & Husband was sprucing up a frozen pizza for dinner. As usual Dog was asleep, dreaming of squirrels & steaks. When all of a sudden wife SCREAMS out “Oh, no!” Wife had somehow managed to pour the stain down her leg, all over the drop cloth, and onto the carpet. I suppose that may be what she gets for trying to transform a dresser inside, but what’s a girl to do? She tries to wipe herself off & clean up the floor, but seeing as the stain is oil base…it was to no avail.

        In the meantime husband is slaving away over the chopping board, adding onions, green peppers, & extra cheese to a frozen pizza. He is the BEST pizza maker around :) So there he is, hard at work, when Wife races into the kitchen. “I messed up,” she says. Wife then goes on to tell Husband what went down. Only wanting to help Husband offers to run to the Hardware store & pick up some paint thinner. Off to save the day! His only request, for Wife to take the pizza out of the oven when the timer goes off.

         Wife continues working on the dresser, inhaling fumes, and wiping stain away. About 15 minutes later the timer goes off. Wife goes downstairs & takes the pizza out of the oven. After sitting the pizza on her pizza platter; she places it on the counter & heads back upstairs.

        (Dog has been asleep up to this point…staying out of mischief…)

    Do you know where this story is going???

        Back upstairs Wife sits down to check on her blog.

         Meanwhile, downstairs, a pepperoni scent begins to float through the air. Asleep no longer Dog “follows his nose.” After turning around to make sure no one was watching (because he knows man & woman wouldn’t approve) Dog uses his paws to bring the steamy pizza down to his level. Jackpot!

        Upstairs, Wife hears a slight clanking of glass on granite. Racing downstairs she finds Dog standing over before mentioned, now half eaten, pizza that happens to be upside down on the floor.

        Wife overreacts & scolds Dog…however he doesn’t hear her because is head is in a cloud of Italian aromas. Wife pulls Dog out of the kitchen and starts to clean up what once was her husband’s hard work. Snapping a few pictures here and there (of course) because tomorrow it will be funny. But today, today it’s not.

     And that is the story of how a perfectly good pizza, ended up in the garbage.

     The End.

**No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this story. Only, one pizza.

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