Photography Challenge

For Christmas III & I purchased a Nikon D3100. 
It was our gift to each other (i.e. I’ll enjoy the camera
& he’ll enjoy what it produces).
I’ve learned some things here & there, but I know there is SO much more I need to know.
And therefore, I need to practice.

Enter exhibit A:

I’ve seen several similar ideas floating around Pinterest & the blogosphere, including this one from 
White Peach Photography. However, I missed the boat to participate. boo.
Using her list as inspiration I rewrote a challenge of my own (above) adding a few, altering a few, keeping several.

It will start next Thursday, July 28th and run for 20 weeks. I know it’s kind of a long time period, but trying to find a photo everyday…just the thought stresses me out a little. 
Running the challenge weekly gives you a week to find each photo (i.e. not consuming your life).
And believe me, us novices out here, need a week!
Then on Thursdays come over & share your fabulous work!
All you need is a camera  & a little inspiration. 
My friend Emily & I are in! Are you?
**If enough are up for the challenge, I’ll add a link party & each Thursday you can upload your image via your blog, flicker, etc.  Just leave a comment if you want to participate! I know we’ll all learn a lot seeing through eachother’s lenses.
Add the button below to your blog if you are participating. It’ll help spread the word!

A Step in the Journey

Spreading the word here...

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