House {to} Home_Office

Is it an office? Is it a craft room?

What about a library? or a weight room?
Is it a black hole where things seem to disappear forever
No….it’s our third bedroom…office…craft room…you get the point!
Welcome to Part 5 of our
If you missed any earlier episodes in the House{to}Home series check them out here.
Today’s post is not a transformation, more of an in progress.
Here is our third bedroom on move in day.
We painted it a purple/gray color…a little more purple than gray.
If you want to know the color let me know & I’ll find the can.

Then,  added a desk, bookshelves, our diplomas, craft supplies, even a weight bench, and a steamer.
The list goes on & on..

Here is where the crafting magic happens
the library & work out room features
Like I said it’s a catch all room…
I can’t show you the closets, because no matter how often I clean them out they are a disaster…I’m working on it, but for now lets just say it’s my creative mind at work & I don’t have time to clean up after myself :)
In efforts to not let you leave without inspiration for your own home office or craft room, and to share a collection of what this room aspires to be…here is a little inspiration from my office inspiration board @ Pinterest.

Apparently I want this room to be a craft room….one day, maybe I’ll have one for my very own.

To find the source of all inspiration above check out my Pinterest Office Board.

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