House {to} Home_Office

Is it an office? Is it a craft room?

What about a library? or a weight room?
Is it a black hole where things seem to disappear forever
No….it’s our third bedroom…office…craft room…you get the point!
Welcome to Part 5 of our
If you missed any earlier episodes in the House{to}Home series check them out here.
Today’s post is not a transformation, more of an in progress.
Here is our third bedroom on move in day.
We painted it a purple/gray color…a little more purple than gray.
If you want to know the color let me know & I’ll find the can.

Then,  added a desk, bookshelves, our diplomas, craft supplies, even a weight bench, and a steamer.
The list goes on & on..

Here is where the crafting magic happens
the library & work out room features
Like I said it’s a catch all room…
I can’t show you the closets, because no matter how often I clean them out they are a disaster…I’m working on it, but for now lets just say it’s my creative mind at work & I don’t have time to clean up after myself :)
In efforts to not let you leave without inspiration for your own home office or craft room, and to share a collection of what this room aspires to be…here is a little inspiration from my office inspiration board @ Pinterest.

Apparently I want this room to be a craft room….one day, maybe I’ll have one for my very own.

To find the source of all inspiration above check out my Pinterest Office Board.


  1. Wow, I love your room! It is beautiful. I have actually been looking for a long time for a similar gray/purple color to paint my master bedroom. Would you be able to tell me what color you used? I love it!


  2. Hi! I got to this old post by searching “purple gray paint”. I can't find quite the right shade, but I'm going for a purple/gray, slightly more purple shade, like you. Any chance you remember the name of the color you used?

  3. Pretty creative spaces! I've linked this to my craft rooms post too today, for inspiration!

  4. Cute room! My craft room aslo doubles as the computer room so I hear ya!

  5. {northern cottage} says

    love it – so very vibrant & fresh!

  6. You just GOT a STICKER from me ;)

    I am featuring your room tomorrow on my blog…thank you SO much for sharing it!

  7. Lovely. I love the globes hanging out. I've got globes in my crafting space too. I need to get a cork board.

  8. Oooh! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm hoping to work on my blackhole room next week when my mom comes to visit me…put her to work, haha!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh my goodness! It is wonderful! :) I think we have the same paint color on our craft rooms. That is remarkable…how random…lol. You did a great job on this post as well. Come by and see my craft room and let me know if you think it's the same color. Have a wonderful weekend! Since I have 2 blogs:

  10. This is beautiful!! I'm stopping by from Delightful Order. I'm in the middle of working on my own little creative space now. Come check out my blog and enter my ver first giveaway!!

  11. Lana @ Those Crazy Carlsons says

    Oh I love it! I wish my craft room/office was that rockin'! But we do have one thing in our rooms in common – I have an extremely similar diploma hanging in mine! WAR EAGLE! :)

  12. We’re in the process of re-inventing our catch-all room to hold my crafting as well. Yours is looking fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Good Job!

  14. It looks great! Thanks for linking it! :)

  15. I recognize that red desk! Beautiful redo! Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  16. I so feel you. I have a huge room that I so want to be my craft studio, and mostly it is, but so much other junk gets put in here and it's out of control. I think you are off to a great start though!

    Happy crafting!
    Kristy @

  17. That is lovely colour for the room; think I have found a new favourite colour for the month! I wish I lived at a place I could decorate and make a sewing room of my own. I will just have to admire yours for the time being!

  18. I had that same teal in my house when we moved in-actually had 4 different shades of blue (yikes).
    Loving the purpley/grey colour. I keep looking at those photos and thinking, 'how can anyone work in such an organizaed space?' I need a creative disaster mess to get things done :)

    Stopped by from Whatever Goes Wednesdays

  19. Great color change! My craft room was also the storage/catch all room too!

  20. I love it! I love all the little colors you have mixed on your sewing desk and memo board. Great job!

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