Celebrating 365

Hello, sweet friends.
This weekend we are celebrating our one year anniversary. Would you please join us.
. . . . . 
We’ll begin by venturing off to a magical place,
and join friends to save the world from the Dark Lord.
Saturday, we’ll plan on heading out in search of buried treasure & picnic shade,
but we’ll be interrupted by a rainstorm.
We’ll have a lovely brunch instead, just the two of us, in an old house
On the menu: mimosas, bloody marys, french toast, and eggy goodness.

We’ll spend time reminiscing about the past six years and how things are so different from our 20 year old dreams, but in a good way.

Your prince charming will surprise you with beautiful roses,
before we head out to dine with the rich and famous (of which we are neither, but love to pretend).
We’ll enjoy the tastes of the finest southern delicacies prepared just to order.
Following church on Sunday we’ll enjoy time with friends & celebrate wedding day style.
We’ll indulge with a BIG breakfast

Do a little gift exchange (with a paper theme of course).
 Enjoy the cinema.
Eat cake…lots of surprisingly delicious “back in the day” cake.

But mostly, we’ll just enjoy each other in the stillness, before life calls again.
Hope you had a lovely time. Until we meet again…
. . . . .
*Tutorials for the memory map & picnic blanket coming soon…along with the end table reveal I keep promising.
*For all pictures not taken by me, click on the picture to view it’s source.

1 thought on “Celebrating 365”

  • Congratulations! I hope you celebrate many more anniversaries to come. Prince Charming and I have number 9 coming up. I am thrilled to say we are loving every minute of it. We've been through hard times, but come out of it stronger in the end. I wish you the same joy and happiness we've had.

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