Beach Bum

I am so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing family on all sides. The kind that loves you no matter what, supports you when it gets hard, celebrates with you for any occasion, and just suffocates you with happiness. Throw 23 pieces of that family puzzle into one house, on the beach, and you’ve my typical 4th of July week!

Ever since I can remember we’ve packed up the car & headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to meet up with the other 17 puzzle pieces. With rising gas prices, extenuating circumstances, and sheer lack of a desire to drive III & I decided to pile in with the folks for this trip. So this year all 6 (mom, dad, sis, bro, III, me) of us stuffed ourselves into my mom’s minivan (yes, minivan) and hunkered down for the 7 hour trip.

The first night, it was the grandchildren’s night to cook…my part dessert.

Chocolate, Oreo, Chocolate Chip yumminess, with a little ice cream on top. Find the recipe here.

Caleigh seemed to enjoy it.
We were able to go to church Sunday morning, on the beach. What a great place to both see & hear God’s glory.
The days brought beautiful weather, great food, and quality time with those we don’t see often enough.
A lot has changed over the years. I believe the first year we began this crazy BIG family adventure, my oldest cousin Jennifer was getting married. She now has a 6th grader…
All of my cousins are older than me & have some fabulous, energetic children. I was able to snap a few pics of them taking in the sunshine…
We should have gotten a building permit for all of the sand construction going on. And check out Gracie & her new best friend…sand…covered head to toe & loving every second.
The four girls below are five and six years old…are they cute?
And now time for a tradition unlike any other…
Mini Golf
This family trip to the beach is incomplete without it. All the guys throw money in the pot, and see who can one up the other…it’s quite entertaining as each small strip of AstroTurf becomes more than a fun game between friends.
Holes in One for everybody!!! See that picture of me above…one of two taken on this trip. Why does it seem I’m always the one behind the camera? 
We celebrated both my aunt (that’s Amy above) & mom’s birthdays while we were there…and there is no better way to celebrate than with Grandmomma’s caramel cake. Talk about a legendary goodness. Check back soon & I’ll share how it’s made. I was able to receive a personal tutorial from the Caramel maker herself!
On the actual fourth we scouted out the local fireworks, and I tried my hand at quick bright light, in the distance, photography (a.ka. firework shots). A few turned out, but I wouldn’t consider any award winning. Maybe next time.
Now do you want to hear what the humdinger is for next summer, we are changing weeks. After almost 14/15/16??? years of Fourth of Julys at the beach, we’re bumping it. Maybe a new “week after the fourth” tradition will begin!
What family traditions to you have?

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