Wreath Tutorial

Some of you might remember the wreath I have on front door {above}. This is how it looks, as it is currently hanging on our front door in need of a little summer sprucing.

Over Memorial Day my sister-in-law asked me to make her a similar wreath, and here is the play by play in case you desire to have your own! I picked up all materials including epoxy resin at my favorite, Hobby Lobby!

You’ll need a wreath, ribbon, wooden letter, patterned paper, fabric strips, spray adhesive, hot glue, and scissors.

1. Begin by tracing your wooden letter (backwards) onto the back of your patterned paper.

2. Then cut it out…when cutting out openings I always fold it in half and snip a little V, then I cut the opening out from there…

3. & 4. Now, spray the wooded letter with your adhesive and attach the paper cut out.

5. Tie a bow with your ribbon and attach to the top using hot glue.

6. Using the same ribbon loop around a few of the inner branches, where you want your letter to hang, and attach the ribbon to the back of the letter, again using your hot glue …almost there.

Finally, you must create your rosettes. There is a great tutorial here, but here is my version.

Depending on the size of the rosette you are creating, cut a two inch strip of fabric. For the larger rosettes on the wreath my strips were about 30 inches long, the smaller, about 20.

1. Tie a knot at one end of the strip & glue down the short piece of fabric.

2. Now you twist and wrap the fabric around the knot, gluing about ever 1 – 2 inches to hold the spiral in place.

3. Wrap until you run out of fabric & voila, {4.}you’ve created a beautiful rosette!

I created two different sizes and hot glued them to the bottom right of the wreath. I’m almost ready to hand this front door decor to my sister-in-law, but I’m not currently feeling the ribbon color at the top & how it’s blending with the “almost finished” product, so I’m going to pick up a lighter color before I wrap it up!

Maybe I should have waited to post until I had a finished product, but sometimes I just get antsy! I’ll update when it’s complete.

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

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