Weekend Replay & Plate Stand Tutorial

Good Monday morning to you all! I am quite chipper, as summer is in FULL swing!

I just got back from a great walk with Max. Consider it my “Summer Resolution.” When III gets up and leaves for work, I get up & walk with the big guy above. I’m proud to say, so far I’m 2/3.

. . . . . . . . .

This weekend we had the BEST time. So often our weekends turn in to around the house work days, but we did not let this weekend get the best of us. Friday night was date night. We enjoyed dinner, a movie, and ice cream! It was quite a treat with the Mr. I had purchased a killer deal on Living Social, 2 movie tickets for $9.00. Since movies here are $11.00 each, $9.00 for 2 was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, by the time we came around to using them this weekend, there were ZERO movies I wanted to see. For this very reason, we sat down at 7:25 to see THOR. Now, I must admit it wasn’t terrible, I’m pretty neutral on the experience, however, I can say the guy that played THOR, made the movie a little more enjoyable….HOTTIE! {Don’t tell III…}.

We capped the evening off with yogurt at Yoforia…it’s one of those new trendy places that have popped up everywhere. You serve your own ice cream & top it with all kinds of FUN, then pay based on your cup’s weight…YUM!

Saturday was another relaxing day spent at the park, pool, and down by the river grilling out with friends. I wish I had taken my camera to capture the FUN we had.

Sunday morning, we spent at church, where we became “official” members after attending for almost 3 years, being in bible studies, volunteer projects, and serving as the service chair for our Sunday School class….needless to say, it was ABOUT time!

We hung out at the pool with our good friends the Paces, and then enjoyed a low key evening watching the NBA finals {you can tell who was in charge of the remote :), but I have to say…the game is growing on me}.

Here’s to MORE summer weekends, like this one!

. . . . . . . .

Also, last week I put together a simple tiered summer stand…here is how it went down.

I purchased 2 plates at Wal-Mart for about $1.50 each, and then I picked up a mini-vase as well for only 97 cents. My original plan was to use a small candle holder, but this little vase had a little more personality & was cheaper :)

The process is quite simple really…I squeezed some super-glue around the top edge of the vase and pressed it on the bottom & in the center of my smaller plate (the one that would be on top).

After holding for a minute & letting everything adhere, I put more super-glue on the bottom of the vase.

You can guess, what’s next. I centered the bottom of the vase on the top of my bigger plate, and held for another minute…

And VOILA! I’m ready for my next summer party!

Have a great Monday, I’m off to Hobby Lobby. A little bit of Heaven on Earth :)

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Replay & Plate Stand Tutorial”

  • LB, let me know how this plate project holds up! I'm thinking I could find some cool vintage plates and recreate this to hold cupcakes as centerpieces at the wedding. :)

  • We used our movie tickets this weekend too. We wanted to see Water for Elephants, but it wasn't playing in any theaters where we could use Fandengo! We ended up at Pirates, and I'm glad we didn't pay full price. :-/

  • I'm going to head to the dollar store this week just to buy the stuff to make this. It's adorable!

    I love your dog. I also have vowed to walk my dog as much as possible since we both could stand to lose some weight. The difference with me, though, is that my goggie is a chihuahua. But he pulls like crazy so that is a workout! (I'm 1/3 myself, since I only started this 3 days ago.)

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