Thursday Thought

i love publix.
Now I have to be honest here, I used to think Publix was for” rich” grocery shoppers, 
not a girl on a budget.
However, after a few months of couponing, week after week, my best finds are at Publix.
Granted, I usually ONLY buy what is on sale, especially those BOGOs (buy one get one), 
and usually have coupons…but with that combo, the deals can’t be beat.
This week these were on sale.
Whole Fruit – Fruit Bars
Original price: $3.69
Yes, kinda pricey for 6 bars, but they are “healthy” with real fruit, so that’s a plus.
However, they were BOGO this week, so each box only $1.85(4).
Plus, I had a $0.50 off coupon, which they doubled…
So, instead of paying $3.69 per box (which I wouldn’t do), I paid $0.85! That is a savings of $2.84 :)
On top of great deals they have fabulous customer service. Once, when an item scanned with the wrong price, they gave it to me for FREE!
And when one of my “prized” sale items is out of stock, they will write you a rain check! 
So next time when I go back, even though the sale is over, they give you the sale price.
Now, I’m not a crazy couponer, but I do try to watch our spending; 
I almost always leave Publix saving the same about I spent!
So my thought for this Thursday; if you don’t for any reason shop at Publix, give it a shot! 
You won’t be disappointed.
Do you love Publix?
(Unfortunately, Publix is only in the southeast, but hopefully you have a grocery store you love too!)
I often use SouthernSavers & I Heart Publix to help find these great deals!
*Publix did not compensate me for this post…frankly corporate  doesn’t even know I exist. 
But I love them anyways.

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