Take it to the Kitchen Tuesday…Panini Sandwich

Simple. Delicious. Summer Delight.
Let me preface this: all our wedding gifts were received with thankful hearts…
Usually, an engaged couple prefers for friends & family to give from the registry, otherwise things happen,
like ending up with 5 cake stands, 27 towels, a carved statue of a Native American chief, & a dip bowl in the shape of a patriotic flip flop…
the story has been stretched for effect…only the cake stands can be proven :)
However, there is the rare occasion where someone knows better than you. 
“If they’d known about this…they would have put it on the registry,” they think.
And when they strike gold…their intuition is confirmed…
This is what happened in the case of the Panini maker. Gold.
Here is a great & simple recipe for a summer panini.
Ingredients: the “good” bread, turkey, bacon, guacamole, cheese (of your choice), butter.
Simple. Right.
1. Cook two strips of bacon.
(I used turkey bacon, it was on sale & sounds better for you)
2. Butter bread on one side & place on the grill.
3. Layer with turkey, cheese, & cooked bacon.
4. Top with avocado slices or guacamole
5. Place other piece of bread on top & toast.
6. Enjoy. Preferably with friends. on a patio. with shade. and pomegranate tea.
The panini maker, struck gold…we don’t know where in life we’d be without it :)

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