What do you do all day?
I get this question a lot during the summer…being a teacher gives be approx. 12 weeks off!
I have to admit I LOVE the free time, however, I tend to fill it with a few things that make it not so “free.”
But when the constant “to do” are things you love or for people you love, you don’t mind so much.
Here is what my first week of {stay}cation has looked like:
. . . . . . . .
I worked on this wreath {tutorial found here}.

I did a little thrifty shopping…no purchases, but here were a few treasures I almost brought home.
I’ve spent some time at the pool, floating in this
and reading this

I found this in a little roadside rescue {I’m thinking, deep stained top and a distressed white bottom.}
I failed in my green thumb experiment, because some of my flowers went from 
 Picked up a few deals: {all for $4.00}
I hung out with some of my favorite little munchkins & their mamas…
 Of course hanging out with my main pup!{We’re 5/6 on our morning walks}
And I worked on this {don’t want to give too much away before the big day},
for my favorite {and only} nephew in the world, who is almost one! More details coming soon.
And speaking of the above project, I better get back to it, so it’ll be ready in time for the BIG party :)
How are you filling your time this summer?

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