Ruffled Hand Towels

I’ve spent hours at the sewing machine lately…
curtains, quilts, ruffles, pillows, and more ruffles…I think I’m going cross-eyed
I’m working on fixing up our guest bathroom to be a little more welcoming, starting with some art.
Remember how we gave a face lift to the medicine cabinets here, well I did it again.
This time I taped off diamonds for the design.
But enough about that, onto the ruffled hand towel
A simple How-To:
{1} Measure the hand towel’s width…double the number and cut a 4 x 32 (or your number) inch strip 
{2} Fold in half & press 
{3} Sew the raw edges & press again 
{4} Fold over the ends & stitch…then, with your machine stitch a straight seam down the middle on the longest length 
{5} Pull the bobbin thread and scrunch 
{6} Pin onto the hand towel & loosely stitch.
One step closer in my journey to brightening up the guest bath.
I’ll reveal it soon in my House {to} Home series.
See tab above!
Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!
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