Picnik Editing

I had a Mac…
but it was my work computer & last week they took it away from me.

In return I got a DELL…

I’m not sure it was an even trade.

Now, nothing is wrong with a Dell, but THIS Dell is administrative password blocked from EVERYTHING…

including downloading Picasa to edit my photos.

I get it…they want to protect their technology, and I don’t blame them…

but…it doesn’t make it STINK any less for those of use that would like to use






So, until I purchase my own, I’m confined to editing my pictures with Picnik,

Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVE Picnik, I just prefer the collage options of Picasa, really…

While you might think otherwise, I’m not complaining, it is after all a FREE Dell laptop, but

oh how I miss the ability to download a new program…

Here are a few BEFORE & AFTER edits on Picnik, just to show you how fabulous it is, and how grateful I am that it is there for me in times like these

*I included the effect I used when editing the picture below each one

*Vibrance, Cross Process, Vignette

*1960’s, Matte

* Pencil Sketch

*Crop, Boost

*Crop, Teeth Whitening, Mascara, Vibrance

*Vibrance, Orton-ish

I’m going to look at this as a positive because I don’t need to be having these
negative thoughts about the lovely people who have given me a laptop…

plus, I have to admit, those afters above are pretty cool…

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