Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Our house was built in 1981 (I think). 
And like most houses built in this time, it came with a complimentary package of 
medicine cabinet mirrors in the bathrooms. 
Lucky us!
Now while we enjoy the storage, it’s a little too much mirror overload in the mornings.
I needed a quick fix, that wouldn’t limit storage & make our master bath inoperable…so I turned to my endless supply of canvases & came up with a simple solution.
First, I measured the two side mirrors & found two canvases that were about 1 inch longer on each side. For me a 18 x 20 canvas worked perfectly.
Then I painted…
I used the 3M picture hanging tabs to attach the canvas to each mirror. I placed a tab on either side of the canvas with the rounded part facing out (for when the time comes to remove them & maybe permanently get rid of the mirrors). Instead of attaching the connecting tabs on the mirror, I simply went ahead and clasped the tabs together. 
After removing the outer sticker cover I pressed the canvas to the mirror. 

and Tada!
I am no longer suffering for morning mirror overload!
(side note: Isn’t it funny how the wall color looks different in the mirror than on the wall)
Next up…framing the main mirror!
Happy Monday.
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